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The haunted season is upon us, and SRSOI is the group to call if you're looking for a fun, informative and affordable presentation on all things spooky!

We reveal evidence we've collected over the years, tap into Iowa's haunted history, and demonstrate the tools and techniques that help us in the field.

Contact Vicki via e-mail at to inquire about having us at your next event! Your guests will thank you!

SRSOI Presents: GHOST SCHOOL - Behind the scenes

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SRSOI to Host Ghost School at Farrar School on June 29, 2013 in Farrar, Iowa

Supernatural Research Society of Iowa has been featured front page of the Newton Daily News, on Fox 17 Des Moines and Who TV 13 Des Moines

Schedule 7pm to 3am (breaks as needed)
7 to 8pm: Meet and Greet
8 to 9pm: Presentation "Behind the Scenes of an Investigation"
9 to 10pm: Tour of the Farrar School
10 to 11pm: Break into groups for investigation, EVP sessions and experiments
11 to 12am: Guests will have the opportunity to participate in and hear spirit conversations through our exclusive and one-of-a-kind Frank's (Ghost) Box.
12am to 1am: EVP sessions, experiments in different parts of the school; may include another Frank’s Box session.
1am to 2am: Tour and investigation of School Grounds
2am to 3am: Guest to have free range of school


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Don’t miss this opportunity to see attend our “Behind the Scenes of an Investigation” and listen to the Ghost Box in action!!



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Recent Investigations:

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Investigate Farrar School House Friday the 13th!

Team Featured on Front Page of Newton Daily News, Investigates Farmhouse


Kris Doepp, Team Member at HillTop ManDuring the business day shoppers at the Newton Hy-Vee might see him dressed in the tradition white shirt and tie, supervising employees, stocking shelves or assisting other customers, but at night Kris Doepp leaves the retail world for abandoned farm houses, salvage yards and even condemned prisons.

A shift manager by day, by night the 32-year-old is a paranormal investigator.

“I first got into it as a kid reading ghost stories,” Doepp said. “I’d have the Haunted Heartland books, reading about old haunted houses. My grandma Pat had a bunch of old Time-Life books on the paranormal, and when we’d go to Chicago to visit her it wasn’t cool to hang upstairs in the kitchen with grandma and grandpa, so we’d go down in the rec room and look through all these books. All the old ghost photos were in the books. I’d read these stories, and it got me completely intrigued with it.”  READ MORE...

Newton Farm House Investigation



Mason City Library Presentation & Investigation

The team was invited to investigate the Mason City Library and give a presentation to the community about the paranormal.


Missouri State Penitentiary 

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The team co-investigates the notoriously haunted prison in Jefferson City, Missouri.

The Team!

Left to right: Kris Doepp, Brian McGilvra, Brian Agnitsch, Dani Rogers, Mark Eckhoff, Vicki Stinson, Drew Claseman, Daniel Abbott. Missing members: Kate Lydon & Randa LeJuene.

Click the photo above for more shots of the team at Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines!

Polk City Library Presentation

 On Thursday, October 13th at 7 pm, SRSOI will give a presentation on the paranormal at the Polk City Library, and answer questions from the audience. Those who are interested in the are invited to attend!


(L to R) Dani, Kate & Vicki pose with some characters from Scarefest!

Click the photo for an album of photos from our awesome time at SCAREFEST 2011!!!

A visit to Vegor's Cemetery 

Vegor's Cemetery near Stratford, Iowa has long been rumored to be haunted.  The most popular story is of the ghost of Arizona Jones, a 12 year old girl who died 6 days before her brother in 1871.  There are no other Jones in the cemetery, so it is assumed that the children died while the family was moving through the area and they had to leave their bodies.  The story goes that that you can see her sitting on her headstone out of the corner of your eye.  She will follow you throughout your visit, and you will hear children laughing!
Ghosts of Native Americans are also seen in the area as this was their sacred burial ground before the white man came.  Originally there were 5 burial mounds, which settlers dug into, releasing the spirits to walk the earth because of the desecration.  No doubt, the mounds were destroyed, just like the ones in the downtown Des Moines area.  Fifty years ago, Native American bones, found in another location, were interred in the Cemetery and a sign was built on what would have been the most northerly mound.  You can see 4 mounds plainly; took photos of those too.
We will plan a night investigation there next summer with just our team.  It is very cool.

The night photos featured in the gallery above are from Scott Wallerich, the daytime Photos by SRSOI's Vicki Stinson. Enjoy. 

A Ghost Town - The team visits Buxton, Iowa

Vicki, Dani and Mark with the Mystery Machine in Buxton. CLICK FOR PHOTO ALBUM ^^^

The most notable coal community in Iowa was Buxton. Located in northern Monroe County, Buxton contained almost 5,000 people. By contrast, most coal camps averaged around 200 residents. Consolidation Coal Company owned and operated Buxton and instigated many progressive policies. Perhaps most unusual, Buxton had a high black population, at one time almost 54 percent. Most social and economic institutions were racially integrated and the town contained many black professionals. Buxton existed from 1900 to 1922 when coal seams around the area were depleted. Black families then moved on to Des Moines, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids and to communities outside the state.


SRSOI First Team to Investigate Historic Tone Mansion

Tone Mansion in Sherman Hill. CLICK PHOTO FOR ALBUM^^^The team had the honor of being the first to investigate the Tone Mansion in the historic Sherman Hill neighborhood of Des Moines, Iowa.

Travae, the owner who runs an upscale hair salon out of the home, reported numerous accounts of paranormal activity. These included:

- Windows being mysteriously opened

- Pet dog being locked inside the bathroom door several times, when locking the door from outside isn't possible

- Objects disappearing. Combs from the salon would vanish and be found in areas of the large house that didn't make sense.

- Keys of the owner went missing and were found months later in a closet in a bag, which didn't make any sense because the bag went on a trip with the owner since the keys went missing.

- An apparition of a man's head going through the large front picture window where the main salon is now.

The team had some success with the Frank's Box, but little other evidence was found. Clips will be posted soon.



The Grand Opera House Dubuque

The team enjoyed their time in Dubuque, Iowa at the century-old Grand Opera House. Here is one EVP caught so far from the investigation. It was taken in the basement of the old building. You will here silence, then a voice maybe saying "See people" then a loud 'SNIFF', then a few seconds later a very loud bang. This strange series of noises came from the basement of the Grand Opera House in Dubuque, IA. All 5 team members were on the stage upstairs (and not directly above this room). As far as we can tell, these sounds are unexplainable, as they are surrounded by total silence for 10 minutes on either side. GOH- "See People, Sniff, Bang" by SRSOI

Investigation added: Farrar Abandoned School House

Farrar Abandoned School House

Farrar, Iowa, 2010


News Channel 13 films SRSOI at Hilltop 

SRSOI will be featured on Saturday night, October 30th at 9 pm on Fox 17, and at 10 pm on Channel 13!! The news crew followed our paranormal team while they held an investigation at Hilltop Manor. Our clip will run an extraordinary FOUR MINUTES!  We hope you can tune in!!

Filming went very well; we brought out our arsenal of electronic equipment including our very successful, team built, Ghost Box !! We hope to post the news clip here and on Facebook after it airs, just in time for our favorite holiday!!!

SRSOI gives paranormal presentation at ISU

The team did a great job at presenting at our first major presentation. It was in a newly renovated auditorium and we had a good turn out.

Once the presentation was over, (and after an unexpected fire alarm!) many people stayed to ask questions and hear stories.  By 8:30, we basically had to "kick" them out....we were literally packing and talking at the same time! Smiley

Mercedes was the lovely volume control assistant and Vicki a comical side kick! ;)

Diane greeted people and made sure they took pamphlets & business cards.

We hope to do more of these, so if you know a library or school that would like to have us, let us know!