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    About Us

     SRSOI was founded in 2008 by a group of experienced researchers with a passion for the paranormal. We are based out of Des Moines, Iowa, but are able to investigate any location, free of charge. 



    SRSOI seeks to:

    • Conduct in-depth research of properties to better understand history.

      • In a Des Moines case, the team uncovered decades-old photos and news articles describing a devastating fire that killed several people in an apartment building that once stood on a client’s land.

    • Advance the field of paranormal research using scientific methods.

      • SRSOI is dedicated to using proven scientific methods in their research. They will never resort to the use of psychics, Ouija boards, occult practices, or other unscientific methods in their studies. Thousands of dollars worth of scientific equipment is employed instead.

    • Help clients understand phenomena taking place.

      • Each client and case is different. If SRSOI finds no evidence of paranormal activity, its report will read inconclusive. If unexplainable evidence is found, it will be presented in a way that is not fearful or alarming to the client.

    • Serve the public as a resource for understanding supernatural phenomena.

      • SRSOI hopes to become a resource for people in the Midwest to turn to for answers on the supernatural. Time, money and energy spent by members to investigate claims of paranormal activity will build the experience that is essential to reaching that goal.

    • Network with local and regional partners.

      • SRSOI seeks to build positive relationships with local businesses, organizations, and homeowners to build a beneficial network.

    • Catch great evidence and most importantly, HAVE FUN!


    SRSOI was recently inducted into the National Paranormal Alliance.



    Current Team Members:

    • Vicki Stinson
    • Kate Lydon
    • Mark Eckhoff
    • Drew Claseman
    • Kristopher Doepp
    • Amanda McMaster
    • Lisa Lawshe
    • Stephanie Bailey
    • Tama Savage