Alton Museum of History and Art

History of the building

It was built in 1832 – 1833 and is now known as Loomis Hall.  The building was continually used as an education institution until 1957.  It now houses the Alton Museum of History and Art.  No deaths are associated with the building.

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Alleged Phenomena

v     Voices – numerous accounts of hearing voices when no one else is around from the general public or museum employees.

v     Strange Noises – Employees say that when they are straightening up for the night, they’ve heard noises like banging and thumping down the hallway. 

v     Feelings of being watched – Museum employees say that they have an overwhelming feeling of being watched when they are standing next to the painting of Benjamin Godfrey.



        8:10          Upon returning to the museum after dinner, it was noted by Vicki that a pen was on the floor.  It had been placed on or

near a notebook by Becky before everyone left for dinner.

Tried to get pen to roll off; only way was to force if off and then

it didn’t fall anywhere close to where it was found.

        8:15          Kevin was saving audio when his parabolic fell from the cabinet and almost hit him on the head

        9:34          Lights out/quiet time

        9:46          Mercedes and Becky walked around in the Pioneer Room and we could hear their footsteps where we were (on the first floor)

        9:55          Vicki’s walkie died

10:15                played CD with old-time music

        11:17                Ghost box session (inconclusive results)

        12:35                Dowsing rods/Ganzfield with Kevin (mixed results)

        1:15          Ganzfield with Shannon

        1:37          Ganzfield with Becky

        2:00          Kathy said series of questions

        3:45          Investigation ended



The Alton Museum is full of important exhibits chronicling the city’s historical and sometimes volatile past.  From a supernatural standpoint, it was an uneventful investigation. Other than the pen being moved off cabinet, some positive interactions with dowsing rods and Ganzfield test, nothing extraordinary presented itself to the researchers. 

However, as we all know, the other side doesn’t always present itself to researchers…