Best Evidence of the Unexplained


Below we break down 3 main types of evidence & some highlights of each; Audio, Photo, & Video


Best Audio Evidence


E.V.P.s, or electronic voice phenomena, are probably the most frequently captured evidence in the paranormal field. They are disembodied voices caught on an electronic device. AVPS, or audio voice phenomena, are more rare, but both are more common than catching photo or video evidence of the paranormal.


Grand Opera House 2011 In the basement, where there were NO investigators, and NO people present for 30 minutes surrounding this noise, we caught an astounding EVP. It is surrounded on both sides by a heavy door slamming. The second slam (him leaving the room, perhaps?) is audible here.

Hilltop Manor - I'm Sorry! 
Our team believes this may be the sad, disembodied voice of one of the victims of the Coronado Apartment Fire of 1973, which stood on the land where Hilltop Manor now is.

We think it has an ebonic, or African American, voice. Several of the 6 fire victims were known to be black, and since none of our team members are, we believe this EVP is tied to one of those victims. It may be the voice of a mother, who was trapped on a fire escape with her 5 year old daughter and couldn't bear to drop her down to the neighbors below. Both perished in the fire. Read the whole story on our
Hilltop Manor Investigation.


Chickens Clucking! 

While we were crowded around the dining room table doing a ghost-box session, all members began to hear a chirping-ish noise from the kithen. It continued when we looked at each other and Kate shut off the box. The resulting clip was recorded then.

Could it energy left behind from 10 chickens that were slaughtered in the basement in 2002?


Knock Em Down! 

Kate was talking about setting up dominoes as an experiment, hoping the spirits would knock them down. She was explaining this to a fellow investigator, when a rasper voice is caught on tape saying "Knock 'em down!" This took place at the Mason House Inn.


"Hi Jenni!"

Also from the Mason House Inn., this child's voice was caught on several investigators digital audio recorders, AND video recorders, very clearly, but NOBODY heard it! A great example of an EVP and not an AVP.

Virtually every electronic recorder caught this child's voice saying "Hiii Jeeennni!" The homeowner's daughter's name is Jenni, but she was in the back part of the house and has a much lower voice. No other children were present during this investigation, and no one heard it at the time it was captured.


Train sounds at our train investigation


Trainwreck investigation - Train Sound 

This was an interesting AVP caught with the use of our 'Frank's Box' or 'Telephone to the Dead' machine. We were investigating location of Iowa's most terrible train wreck, that killed 53 people in 1910, on the 99 year anniversary of the wreck. We asked the box a series of questions, and were surprised when we heard what we believe is the steady chugging of an old steam train! The choo-choo-ing comes to an abrupt stop after a few seconds of gradual train sounds. We were impressed! Read more about the wreck here: Gladbrook Train Wreck Investigation

Best Photos

April 6, 2010.

*NOT* taken by SRSOI team, but at location where we co-host a twice-a-month investigation. Vicki, a prominent member of our team, was present when this was Taken with a Stealth Cam (IR) between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. by Ro Saenz from Midway Paranormal.

Notice the lower right corner of the window, which is 20 feet above the ground. It's a hand on the OUTSIDE of the window, with palm facing in!

They tried to debunk this an oily handprint, et.c., but were unsuccessful. And because it appears to be on the outside of the window, it's unlikely that this is anything but paranormal.


Best Video Footage


This video is interesting because of several pieces of potential evidence of the paranormal:
1) There is an audible, unexplained "Click Click!" sound (like a pen) captured by audio
2) Kate hears the sound and reacts.
3) There is a 2nd unexplained sound - like cellophane crinkling
4) As the camera moves toward the door you can possibly see the cookie jar moving on the table.
5) A ball of light zooms from around the table and out the door.
Alone, these events wouldn't be very notable, but together, we believe they are good evidence of something strange going on. 
The innkeeper had just finished telling us that the children spirits of the Inn like to mess with guests as soon as they go in their rooms and shut off the lights.  
We have since visited the Inn twice to try and recreate the light and noises, but could not. 





This clip was caught in the break room in the basement of Edinburgh Manor. The reason we find this interesting is because this ball of energy pulses, lights up out of nowhere on a chair, travels on a complete horizontal path, then takes a 90 degree turn towards the kitchen. Plus this thing travels at a very slow speed. It has all qualities of an orb and not an airborne particle. These things are more than likely small focused, encapsulated globules of "cold plasma" created by an intelligent emf source. 




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