SRSOI Cemetery Etiquette

Keep these basic guidelines in mind next time you visit hallowed ground.. and remember, Respect, Respect, Respect!


1.  Follow cemetery rules. Most have a sign near the entrance stating hours, rules about decorations, etc. Obey these rules. Rules about decorations serve to make sure the cemetery doesn't collect too much debris that the caretakers need to clean up. Flowers and other things can blow in the wind. It would be especially nice if any trash along the way was picked up, regardless of who left it.


2.  Appreciate the memorials as they are. Do not add to, take away from, or modify a memorial in any way, even if you have exceptionally good taste. . Cemeteries are collections of privately owned outdoor sculpture. Please stay in the designated walkways, off cemetery lots and do not touch any memorials or artifacts if it's not yours, don't touch it.


3. Show respect for the dead and for their surviving families and loved ones. Do not intrude on funeral or memorial services. Do not bring alcohol, firearms, or entertainment items into cemeteries. Always be considerate of others.


4. Well-behaved children under the direct supervision of responsible adults are welcome. Teach your children to respect cemeteries. Running, playing, and noisy activities are not appropriate in cemeteries.


5. Keep your pets under control.  Keep them on a leash away from cemetery memorials and artifacts. Clean up after your pets.


6. Enjoy the natural peace and serenity of the cemetery. Do not litter (this includes cigarette butts) and do not interfere with the plants and wildlife that inhabit the site.


7. Keep your vehicle on designated roadways or in parking areas. Idling vehicle engines can be harmful to historical structures. Please do not block cemetery roadways.


8. Know the rules and regulations and abide by them. Respectful group activities, tours, and special events must be registered in advance. Promptly report any suspicious activities to management.


9. Most cemeteries are open from dusk until dawn. Try not to remain in the cemetery after dark.


10.  Do your research on the cemetery.   There is a lot of history that can be learned. 


Be safe and have fun!!!



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