Grand Opera House, Dubuque

The team had an awesome time in Dubuque, Iowa at the century-old Grand Opera House.


Here are some EVPs caught so far from the investigation:

Strange door slamming/ man talking in basement.

This was taken in the basement of the old building. You will here silence, then a voice maybe saying "See people" then a loud 'SNIFF', then a few seconds later a very loud bang.

This strange series of noises came from the basement of the Grand Opera House in Dubuque, IA. All 5 team members were on upstairs (and not directly above this room). At least 3 of the 5 were actually OUTSIDE taking a break. The other two were taking snacks to the person at the front desk (our 'chaperone'). The background voices you hear are actually of these two investigators upstairs. The recorder is VERY sentivive.
As far as we can tell, these sounds are unexplainable, as they are surrounded by total silence for 10 minutes on either side.


GOH- "See People, Sniff, Bang" by SRSOI

This is an extended version, where you can hear the first sound of a door opening (the spirit enters the room?) then later you hear the spirit talk then the same door slams again.

GOH - Two door slams by SRSOI

Loud Bang on Stage

This was captured by an audio recorder on the stage. Two investigators were in the balcony when they heard a loud crash on or near the stage. Take off headphones for this one.

GOH - Loud Bang on Stage by SRSOI

Strange Low Pulses

While doing a question/answer session near the stage, Kate heard some strange noises while listening live with headphones. Here is what she heard: GOH - Strange low pulses (*Listen w/ Headphones!!) by SRSOI