Private Residence- Guthrie County

Guthrie County Case, April 25, 2009


Whenever a child’s well-being is in question, there is a greater sense of urgency involved in a paranormal case. Such was true for a family in Guthrie County who contacted SRSOI for help.

The team traveled to the home of a family with two young boys who needed help with claims of paranormal activity. Their six-year-old son had been having trouble sleeping and had even woken up in the middle of the night by a shaking bed. He describes his room as “creepy” and also claimed to have seen an apparition walk through their living room. He claimed it was the man that “slept under the floor.”

The lady of the home has witnessed several occurrences such as finding a decorative candle moved across the room from where it normally rests. While laying in bed she saw a dark undulating orb floating near the ceiling, but being used to strange activity she rolled over and fell back to sleep. And as recently as a day before SRSOI investigated, the client claimed to have seen a dark, hooded figure reflected in the mirror as she fixed her hair in the bathroom. Her husband has also experienced the shower door open and close on its own, and both have witnessed shadow people throughout the home.

The home was built in 1920. The layout was odd, because no bedroom seemed to be included in the original floor plan. It’s been suggested the small home was originally used for a business of some sort, but nothing was found at the local library to validate either way.


The Investigation

After the initial introduction with the client and quick tour of the home, Vicki and Kate walked to the attic, the little boys’ room. Vicki showed Kate the closet. Upon pulling the chain to turn the light on, the light bulb flickered and went out without a sound. The client said the boys leave that light on often, but the timing was notable.

While the team sets up their equipment, one investigator has a strange personal experience. As she is setting up her audio on a bunk bed, she feels touched, as if a hand had imprinted on her behind. She turns around to yell at the other investigator present in the room, but finds her back turned away as she is setting up her own equipment. Video running proved that it wasn’t the other investigator in the room, but found no other anomalous activity.

The team began their investigation with 20 minutes of silent time. Some strange temperature readings were recorded in the basement, and at this time, a strange EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) was recorded by Vicki in the basement which called out an investigators’ name in a raspy voice…"Vic…ki… VICKI! "

Clair, the team’s technical manager, purchased some new messaging devices to try, called “eye-link communicators.” The device allows members to text each other silently through an eyepiece with a red backlight and a keypad which slips onto the arm.

Dani and Clair were trying out the new communicators during the silent time when Dani received a message that Clair did not send. It read “43”. This would be the first of several strange messages that were received throughout the night.

Just after 11 p.m., Kevin & Dani were sitting in living room when they heard a "Loud creaking noise upstairs".  (The first 3 footsteps come from someone downstairs, the 4th "crunch" comes from upstairs).

However, no one was upstairs. Nothing was caught on video, but the sound was recorded on Kate’s audio device. Kevin recreated the crunching/creaking sound by putting a lot of pressure on the landing on the top of the stairs. The sound could only be re-created by leaning over the first few stairs and it took quite a bit of pressure.

A strange EMF reading was recorded upstairs on Kate’s night-vision camcorder which was filming a digital EMF sensor. For 10 minutes the EMF sensor stayed between 0.2 to 0.5. but at 11:13, it spiked to 1.8 for no apparent reason. No one was in the room at the time.

After a strobe light and some other experiments are set up around the house, Marcus suggests an empty house experiment. This ensures any evidence caught during the experiment is not from an investigator, but some other source. During the experiment, all researchers left the house except for Kevin and Marcus who were stationed at HQ watching the camera monitors.

Though the two never heard anything strange, a unique EVP was caught during the experiment by Vicki. It sounds like a female voice woo-ing in 3 different sing-songy pitches. There also seems to be some raspy whispering sounds in the background of the louder woman’s woo’s. The noises were caught by three different investigators’ audio devices, two in the basement, and one in the living room above.

Other interesting EVPS captured throughout the night include one caught by John, in which it sounds like, in a very clear voice, an old man says What the hell is that?!? possibly in reaction to some of our strange equipment. Kevin caught an apparent EVP that says Naomi, and after talking to the client, it was revealed that Naomi was the name of her grandmother. There were several others for which no explanation was found. "I'm the snigga snack" was caught by Kate & "Can you hear me?" by Marcus.

At one point, a set of dowsing rods was brought out just to test the waters and see if a response might be garnered through them. Though the results were inconclusive, John’s session with them seemed to suggest that a middle-aged female was communicating with us, and had died in childbirth.

At about 2 a.m. Dani receives another strange text message that reads “M23”. The only other person using text system was Marcus and he didn’t send it. In modern-day internet messaging-speak, that means “I’m a 23 year old male.”

Dani was texting with Marcus when she got some other strange texts including “HU” and “HE0”. The only other person sending messages at that time was Marcus and he claimed he did not sent it.

At about 2 a.m., Kevin, Clair, and Dani were experimenting with the K2 meter upstairs, an electromagnetic field-based device that lights up different colors depending on the EMF levels. After a few initial questions, they find that it will go off at command of a walkie-talkie signal. (Is this how TAPS makes theirs go off so successfully?)

At about 2:30, everyone tries out the new eye-link communicators to try texting each other and get comfortable with them. Dani gets a different set, ruling out a fluke in the one she had earlier. The team enjoys texting each other silently for about 10 minutes and then puts the headsets away. Everyone but Dani and Kate upstairs, that is.

After everyone has put theirs away, and Kate is taking hers off,  Dani gets another strange text: It reads, “maleenmale, and no one gets it but Dani. She says “Who sent that?” But no one responds because they are packing up gear downstairs and have put their headsets away.

It is still unknown where the strange messages came from, and the headsets have functioned normally since the investigation.

Is the Guthrie County home haunted?  Though we didn’t experience many of the strange reports of activity that the clients have, we weren’t able to debunk much of the activity either. That, coupled with our personal experiences, strange EVPS, and mysterious text messages seem to suggest the possibility that a presence might still linger in the home.